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Status phase: Beta

“Cursed Soul” is a first person horror game set in the 80’s. Discover the mysterious murder of a conventional family with your ability to travel to the spectral world. Due to your peculiarity you will be able to delve into the mysterious case and discover what the rest of the detectives can’t understand, enter and discover the mystery.

Switch between worlds:

Due to the gift that was granted to you at birth, you have been able to walk between the world of the living and the dead, you have been able to solve several cases, some successfully but others suffering the consequences such as the death of your beloved ones, for this reason you became a detective, to solve as many murders as possible. 


80's a town is being terrified by some events that nobody can understand, having the Myers house as a central point. Isolated from everything. A house where the mystery lurks in every corner of their home.

Puzzle lover:

Explore every corner of Myer’s house through different clues left by the mysterious murderer of the town, solve little by little the mystery to find him, but be careful, each of them will influence the investigation

Do you want to solve the mysterious case of the town and let your legacy as a detective be part of the history? Enter the Myer’s house and solve the case!

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Mail: wunjo.tyr@gmail.com

Web: heiklion.com


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Черт это игра просто восхитительна!!!!11!!

Matt gave the game a try and is looking forward to more.

Fun little Demo! Looking forward to the full release!!!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Loved playing the beta, I think once you guys come out with the final product of this game, it's gonna be great! I really like the concept/mechanic of switching in between worlds. I thought that was a really clever idea for a horror/mystery game. 


Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing and sharing again Cursed Soul! 


very cool and spooky game . love the puzzles and scares there really good. i also like the power you have it s very unique and different . cant wait to see more of this game!!


Thank you so much for play, stay tuned for future updates! :D


your welcome!!


This game was really good and I ewnojyed it a lot!

We are glad that you enjoyed it! :)


i like the demo good with puzzle great job with the demo

Thank you so much for play Cursed Soul Beta ^^



I played through the beta and here are my thoughts.


I liked the atmosphere, the creepy pictures, the tv showing piano performance after doing the clock puzzle, that was a bit unnerving to go into the basement and see what happens. The switching between worlds mechanic was nice, I liked that sometimes you get to see more and sometimes it even opens new areas or teleports you into a cabin near the house. Definitelly interesting.

I know this is only beta but in my opinion it really needs more story, plot and some meaning behind the puzzles and the setting. Now it's a spooky house with some puzzles where you have to find numbers to put in the right places, that doesn't make sense, at least for me. Sure there's some story with the kids seeing some demon or devil, I think it's overused at this point. But nonetheless, it still can be creepy and scary.

But... The jumpscares. The song plays, turn around, boom and please continue your investigation, detective. It just doesn't make sense and it's cheap. It's kinda well made with the animations and sounds but it's cheap because it has nothing to do with anything. The monster playing piano in the basement was quite good though, it didn't do jumpscare the jumpscare but it gave the creepiness and progressed the game since you get an item that's left on the piano.

A few tiny details that might need to be worked on - the ladder in the basement doesn't have a collider, you can go through it, I also think there could be more sounds for interaction, footsteps and things like that. You may already know about these things.

Overall - nice atmosphere, cool mechanic switching between worlds, although cheap scares, really lacking story and plot (at least for my taste) and it kinda falls between many other "horror" games where you do key hunt puzzles and get scared for no reason from time to time.

But hey! Maybe you want to make this game the way it is, so feel free to not listen to me if that's the case, I'm just giving you my feedback. :)


We will consider everything you have told us, thanks for the feedback.


Well to start this game was alot of fun i liked the horror feel and the creepy setting mixed with the puzzles. Its a really well made game can't wait for a full release. If you would like to see my playthrough here it is: 

enjoy 😉👍

We hope to get a full version in the future and hope you play it too, thanks and best regards!


This game is really cool and scary!  I had a lot of fun trying it out great job!


Thanks for playing and enjoy 100% Cursed Soul :D


Really awesome enjoyed this hope you finish is thanks so much here is my playthrough 

We hope you have enjoyed the experience offered by Cursed Soul, thanks for playing :)



Thanks for playing and share the game ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

no Problem^^

This game will be awesome in full version :D


I really like the vision that you got in this game!  This game was fun and I had a great time playing it, the puzzles weren't to hard and the scares were well paced out.  Thanks for hitting my out about this game, hope you guys continue to make great games!

We appreciate the value you give to the game, thanks for playing it and we hope to see you here :D


Thank you! :)


This game looks awesome. I can't wait to see it complete! One question: what music did you use for the piano? It's haunting and lovely.

The music is from Lucas King, thanks for the comment :)

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So far the frame rate and performance was pretty solid.

Lacks  a lot of options such as to turn off the motion blurring. Maybe just me and my lighting set up but found some areas pretty hard to see and not enough lighting so I ended up using the "other world" mechanic a lot more. 

It had some decent puzzles reminds me of some point and click adventures but the clock was the most frustrating one. There isnt much to do in the house besides those 3 puzzles so the house lacked some interactivity. 

Interesting concept but needs some more work done, if it's still set in the 80's there needs to be more props that represent that era because that felt like an after thought and because of "nostalgia".

A couple of jump scares did get me because I am in fact a coward.

Cursed Soul 80's Wanabe Spooks
Quick Spooky Let's Plays

We will saw to implement brightness options, if necessary more props, we wanted to offer an experience, in the future we will fill the house. Thanks for share the game and for this feedback ^^


this is God Game. ^^

Nice gameplay! Thanks for sharing :D


La bétâ est GENIALE ! J'attend la suite avec impatience ! GOOD JOB ! TO BE CONTINUED !

Thank you very much for the support friend, we hope to keep in contact :)


Not a bad Demo! Would like to see this finished project. Nice little jump scares and like the idea of switching worlds! 

We will continue working to offer better versions for everyone to enjoy


So I didn't manage to finish because a) I got stuck and b) the heartbeat sound was driving me crazy.

The scares in this are legit though.  The shadows in the house and the hand on the paper really got me good.

Sorry we are already aware that some pc sounds very loud, we are working on it. Thanks for playing! ^^


I love the mechanics where you can see between worlds.

I keep calling the ghost Abe lincoln. 

I wish there was more though. 

Great game BTW!

We take note to improve! Thanks for playing!


I couldn't even finish the game tbh because i got too scared haha.

We are sorry that you have not finished the game, but we know that you will achieve it :)


This game was literally awesome! I struggled with the clock puzzle, but aside from that, this game was incredible! 

He ended up solving the case like a good detective, thanks for playing!


Played this as part of a 3 Random Horror games. It was a pretty okay Beta, though i felt kind of lacking. The scares were pretty generic and the atmosphere just felt like something we've seen a million times. Overall, not a back game though. I give a full in-depth review and feedback at the end of my video. 

Thanks for the feedback and improve in future versions. 

Yeah, Np. Looking forward to the improvements.


this has come along leaps and bounds since the first version I played :) very well done 

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We remember when you played our alpha, we took note of the feedback!

You did awesomely :)


Loved it that's all I gotta say

Thanks for playing Cursed Soul along with other horror games! :D


yea I played 4 horror games but Cursed Soul was my favourite


It's cool! I hope I get the official version soon.

Thanks for playing and share our game! :D


how do you play

Tell us what problem you have exactly so we help you fix it.



I think it would be more immersive if the footsteps were heard.

I enjoyed playing this game.

We will work on it, thanks for the feedback!


Really cool game. I like two different worlds idea, but i think it could have been used a little more. 

As it is a beta we are testing the support that the two worlds would have, thanks for playing and we are happy to see you again. :)


Played this before beta and I'm loving the changes! Great work! Cant wait to see what comes next! 

We are happy to see you again here, thanks for sharing the game again on your channel ^^


Are there any NPCs in the game? Looks like a nice creepy game.

Currently we would not have, but we take note!  Thanks for the support


Awesome game really loved the story, but as its a beta i had expected some problem and honestly there aren't

many but i still have request to add configure setting for game quality as the game for me had some problem rendering in stuff and it kinda froze in between and also some minor tweaks that i may have pointed out in the game play  hope you have enjoy the gameplay

In future versions we will improve the performance for a better experience, thanks for playing and share the game :)


it was pleasure for me to play your game 


(100% COMPLETE.) *SEES A RITUAL, PROCEEDS TO COMPLETE IT* (I see nothing wrong.)

Thank you for playing Cursed Soul and we are glad to see you enjoyed it.


Played this game along with another indie horror game with my friend!

Thank you for playing the game and we feel that you could not see the whole game


This was a fun experience. i enjoy this game and the puzzle is simple to solve it. This is fun.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback you have given.


Video of the demo!

Thank you very much for playing Cursed Soul, hopefully you enjoyed! 


sure did :)


really fun game, couldn't figure out some of the puzzles, but I know I will play it again soon - great job with this game.  here is my video on it 

Sorry if you don't finish the game, try the next time in the bedroom of the girl. Thanks for play! We continue to improve the gaming experience.


I gave my Let's Play take on it! Hope everyone enjoys.

Thanks for share the game! Everything commented in the video we appreciate it to improve! ^^

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